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Secure Application Design and Development With Threat Modeling

Regular Session

Building a secure and stable application requires more than just memorizing a list of vulnerabilities. Modern applications contain a multitude of moving parts and security needs to be built in from the beginning. In this session we will review techniques to ensure that you are building the most secure application possible so that your users also benefit from the improved performance and stability benefits that come from a well designed application. By building a threat model describing the various components of your application and how data flows through it you will be better prepared to defend your application from attacks, improve the performance and scalability of your application and have some great assets to easily bring new developers up to speed on all the parts of your application. We will dive into threat modeling and show how it provides tools to find and fix application vulnerabilities by building a threat model and working through analysis exercises.

A software development conference in the Louisville, KY area on August 18 - 20, 2021 designed to cover all aspects of software development regardless of development stack.

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