James Strong
Henry Gallo
Matt Garber
Introduction to Docker and Kubernetes [Full-Day Workshop]
James Strong; Henry Gallo; Matt Garber

Introduction to Kubernetes is a hands-on, interactive workshop giving attendees a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of Kubernetes. As part of this workshop, you will learn how Kubernetes works, deploy microservices to that cluster & also hear about some war stories.

Room: Derby
Topics: ;
Tags: Cloud; Docker; Kubernetes

David Merk
Scott Schuenemeyer
Microservices in a Day Using .NET Core and AWS (Part 2) [Half-Day Workshop]
David Merk; Scott Schuenemeyer

Making the leap from MVC to Microservices? This workshop will jumpstart your journey and answer a lot of the questions developers run into on the way. APIs, Authentication, Microservice Communication, and Event Driven Development. In the course of one day you’re going to go from ‘File -> New Project

Room: Keeneland
Topics: ;
Tags: .NET; Architecture; AWS; Azure; Career Development; Database; Development Practices; DevOps; Docker; Kubernetes; Microservices; Software Practices

Joe Elliott
Debugging .NET Core Applications in Production
Joe Elliott

A collection of techniques for debugging live .NET Core applications running on Linux. Techniques demonstrated will include CPU profiling, static event tracing, adding dynamic tracepoints and obtaining core dumps. These techniques will be performed on applications running in Kubernetes, but that w

Room: Adueduct
Topics: ;
Tags: .NET; Containers; DevOps; Kubernetes


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