Nick Landry
Building Mixed Reality Experiences for Microsoft HoloLens in Unity
Nick Landry

This session is your introduction to building 3D Mixed Reality applications and games for HoloLens and Windows Holographic using C#, Visual Studio and Unity. Microsoft HoloLens is the world’s first self-contained, untethered head-mounted holographic computing device for Mixed Reality (MR).

Room: Grand Belle Hall
Topics: Application Development;
Tags: Mobile; Windows 8/10; Other

Emily  Harshman
Writing Requirements as User Stories
Emily Harshman

Developers are key in driving well-written user stories. This session will show good user stories and how you can coach your product owner toward writing effective and well-written user stories. This session covers estimating techniques of user stories and how to improve estimates over time.

Room: Jefferson
Topics: Requirements;
Tags: .NET; Accessibility; Agile; Architecture Practices; Big Data; Clojure; Cloud; Continuous Deployment; Cross-Platform; Database/SQL; Design (UI/UX/CSS); Development Practices; DevOps; Functional Programming; Hardware; iOS/OSX; IoT; Java; JavaScript; Mobile; PHP; Project Management; Python; Requirements; Ruby/Rails; Scala; Security; Soft Skills; Software Process; Testing; Web; Web Services; Windows 8/10; Other Languages; Other

Stephen Harper
An Introduction to Interface Development In Universal Windows Platform (UWP) using MVVM Methodologies.
Stephen Harper

This session will explore modern interface design in UWP using XAML data bindings and provide an introduction to model, view, and view-model design patterns.

Room: Appalachian
Topics: Application Development; User Experience;
Tags: .NET; Design (UI/UX/CSS); Development Practices; Mobile; Windows 8/10

Aydin Akcasu
See Like the "The Predator", by "Hacking" heat.
Aydin Akcasu

See how easy it is to "See heat" images, and write software using a $250 thermal camera.

Room: Goldenrod
Topics: Application Development;
Tags: .NET; Hardware; Windows 8/10


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