luther hill
Using Data science to solve national security problems. [Half-Day Workshop]
luther hill

Sharing my experience of how deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan with the Army as a soldier made me a better Data Scientest. Will cover experiences analysizing social media to identify bomb threats. Also covering what’s it’s like to use code to develop actionable intelligence for US troops.

Room: Park Suite
Topics: Soft Skills;
Tags: Big Data; Development Practices; IoT; Project Management; Python; Requirements; Security; Soft Skills

John Eiler
Organization and Culture: Implementing Agile with Waterfall Expectations
John Eiler

Agile Project Management is quickly gaining momentum in our local markets including multiple industries and project types. The gap between learning Agile in the classroom and putting it into practice seems sometimes impossible to traverse. Implementing, adapting and continually improving to take adv

Room: Belmont
Topics: Project Management;
Tags: Agile; Continuous Development; Development Practices; Project Management; Soft Skills; Software Practices

Humana Experience Center
Lawrence Middleton
Chris Greenlee
Tom Carter
Balanced Team Approach to Development
Humana Experience Center; Lawrence Middleton; Chris Greenlee; Tom Carter

Imagine what can be accomplished when you invite practitioners of Engineering, Design, and Product Management to join a balanced team. This team agrees to a flat hierarchy where each discipline is evenly represented. With co-location, the communication is constant - uninterrupted by email or desk ph

Room: Keeneland
Topics: Application Development;
Tags: Development Practices; Project Management; Software Practices

Eric Hayes
Waleed Ahmed
The Journey – How large scope and complex requirements meet agile development and modern architectur
Eric Hayes; Waleed Ahmed

A retrospective of how to organize and build large-scale enterprise applications. This journey explorers how UPS mobilized to develop the next generation network planning suite. Topics include: Processes, Agile, Technology, Architectures, and most importantly, the lessons learned.

Room: Regency South A
Topics: Application Development;
Tags: Agile; Development Practices; DevOps; Project Management; Requirements

Mike Hand
I suck at estimates (but I'm better than I used to be)
Mike Hand

Let's get together and discuss how to make estimates less stressful. We'll talk about how to recognize who the audience is and what the purpose of your estimates are -- and based on that information, how to tailor your estimates to your environment. After reviewing several different approaches to es

Room: Adueduct
Topics: Requirements;
Tags: Development Practices; Other; Project Management; Software Practices

Michael Richardson
Radical Independence: Transform Your Team with OKRs
Michael Richardson

Developers and product teams are often divorced from the business principles that drive the necessity of their work. They are given a feature to deliver and asked to deliver it on time. Leading companies have transformed their ways of working by pushing much more of the decision making down to the

Room: Downs
Topics: Application Development;
Tags: Continuous Development; Development Practices; Project Management; Soft Skills; Software Practices

Ryan Albertson
Casey Albertsun
So, Your Project Is On Fire. Again.
Ryan Albertson; Casey Albertsun

Your product owner has changed priorities for the third time this sprint; your team lead has their nose in their ‘Agile For Dummies’ book, your tech lead is on hour three of his lunch, and to cap things off your designers aren’t speaking to one another, because it should be purple (and everyone know

Room: Keeneland
Topics: User Experience;
Tags: Agile; Project Management; Soft Skills

Michael Dowden
Agile for Remote Teams
Michael Dowden

Agile is often presented as something that only works when the entire team is in the same room at the same time. I’m here to shatter that misconception by sharing success stories, along with the tools and processes that make remote agile teams work well.

Room: Hialeah
Topics: Project Management
Tags: Project Management


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