John Eiler
Organization and Culture: Implementing Agile with Waterfall Expectations
John Eiler

Agile Project Management is quickly gaining momentum in our local markets including multiple industries and project types. The gap between learning Agile in the classroom and putting it into practice seems sometimes impossible to traverse. Implementing, adapting and continually improving to take adv

Room: Belmont
Topics: Project Management;
Tags: Agile; Continuous Development; Development Practices; Project Management; Soft Skills; Software Practices

Deven Phillips
Accelerating Security In A DevOps World
Deven Phillips

DevOps is taking the IT world by storm and as it becomes more common, the scope of work to be improved by DevOps practices is expanding. Over the last 2 years Red Hat's Open Innovation Labs have been working with both public and private sector organizations to help them learn Agile and DevOps practi

Room: Conference Theater
Topics: ;
Tags: Agile; Career Development; Cloud; Containers; Continuous Development; Development Practices; DevOps; Quality Assurance; Security

Eric Hayes
Waleed Ahmed
The Journey – How large scope and complex requirements meet agile development and modern architectur
Eric Hayes; Waleed Ahmed

A retrospective of how to organize and build large-scale enterprise applications. This journey explorers how UPS mobilized to develop the next generation network planning suite. Topics include: Processes, Agile, Technology, Architectures, and most importantly, the lessons learned.

Room: Regency South A
Topics: Application Development;
Tags: Agile; Development Practices; DevOps; Project Management; Requirements

Ryan Albertson
Casey Albertsun
So, Your Project Is On Fire. Again.
Ryan Albertson; Casey Albertsun

Your product owner has changed priorities for the third time this sprint; your team lead has their nose in their ‘Agile For Dummies’ book, your tech lead is on hour three of his lunch, and to cap things off your designers aren’t speaking to one another, because it should be purple (and everyone know

Room: Keeneland
Topics: User Experience;
Tags: Agile; Project Management; Soft Skills

Jonathan Ash
How Do You DevOps
Jonathan Ash

This will be a non-technical overview of what DevOps is about and how high performing teams are able to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack. Following closely the State of DevOps Report put out by DORA (DevOps Research & Assessment), we will look at what kinds of measurements really m

Room: Park Suite
Topics: ;
Tags: Agile; Continuous Development; Development Practices; DevOps; Quality Assurance

Dorrin Poorkay
The Operation's Burden
Dorrin Poorkay

In this session Dorrin will describe her experience as a on-call platform engineer at auth0 which serves billions of authentication requests per month. Dorrin will speak about how auth0's platform infrastructure team overcame the challenges of stressful on-call rotations and how you can implement a

Room: Park Suite
Topics: Soft Skills;
Tags: Agile; Career Development; Development Practices; DevOps


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