Brett Berliner
Getting OAuth Into Your Dev Toolbox
Brett Berliner

OAuth is a powerful authentication standard that is often lauded for its simplicity, but without proper preparation and tooling, can quickly become difficult to manage. Come find out where to start when designing your OAuth implementations.

Room: Heartland
Topics: Application Development;
Tags: .NET; Architecture Practices; Security

Heath Murphy
Don’t get stung – OWASP top 10 web security vulnerabilities with examples in ASP.Net MVC
Heath Murphy

A beginners look at OWASP vulnerabilities with examples in ASP.Net MVC

Room: Burley/Cumberland/Derby
Topics: Application Development;
Tags: .NET; Security; Web

Emily  Harshman
Writing Requirements as User Stories
Emily Harshman

Developers are key in driving well-written user stories. This session will show good user stories and how you can coach your product owner toward writing effective and well-written user stories. This session covers estimating techniques of user stories and how to improve estimates over time.

Room: Appalachian
Topics: Requirements;
Tags: .NET; Accessibility; Agile; Architecture Practices; Big Data; Clojure; Cloud; Continuous Deployment; Cross-Platform; Database/SQL; Design (UI/UX/CSS); Development Practices; DevOps; Functional Programming; Hardware; iOS/OSX; IoT; Java; JavaScript; Mobile; PHP; Project Management; Python; Requirements; Ruby/Rails; Scala; Security; Soft Skills; Software Process; Testing; Web; Web Services; Windows 8/10; Other Languages; Other

Deven Phillips
DevOps, You're (Probably) Doing It Wrong
Deven Phillips

You hired a DevOps "person", or you have a DevOps "team", and they are automating all sorts of interesting things; but that's not really DevOps... We'll have an honest and frank discussion about what DevOps is and what it isn't, but we'll also talk about the steps for transitioning toward DevOps.

Room: Julia Belle Ballroom
Topics: Application Development; Project Management; Soft Skills; User Experience;
Tags: Agile; DevOps; Project Management; Security; Software Process; Testing; Other Languages; Other

Michael Dowden
Understanding Online Security
Michael Dowden

From Anthem to Ashley Madison, the FBI to the IRS, the last few years have been significant in terms of quantity and impact of security breaches. Learn the basic concepts and vocabulary related to digital attacks and Internet security. Leave with tips & tools you can use to protect yourself online.

Room: Farmington
Topics: Application Development;
Tags: Security; Web

Arthur  Hicken
Cloud Shifts the Burden of Security to Development
Arthur Hicken

The move to the cloud brings a number of new security challenges, but the application remains your last line of defense. Developers are extremely well-poised to perform tasks critical for securing the application—provided that certain key obstacles are overcome.

Room: Iroquois
Topics: ;
Tags: Cloud; Security; Testing

Brett Whittington
Securing Data in Motion on the High Seas
Brett Whittington

This is a beginner level talk for developers who haven't had the experience or the need to think about data security once it leaves their premises.

Room: Heartland
Topics: Application Development;
Tags: DevOps; Security; Web


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