Stephen Harper
The Cloud Switch: Creating a Simple Internet-Connected Power Switch and Web Dashboard Using a Particle Photon and .NET Core.
Stephen Harper

This session explores creating a connected device prototype using the Particle Photon micro-controller and cloud service. The device will be connected to a .NET Core web dashboard using a web API.

Room: Burley/Cumberland/Derby
Topics: Application Development;
Tags: .NET; Cloud; Hardware; IoT

Emily  Harshman
Writing Requirements as User Stories
Emily Harshman

Developers are key in driving well-written user stories. This session will show good user stories and how you can coach your product owner toward writing effective and well-written user stories. This session covers estimating techniques of user stories and how to improve estimates over time.

Room: Appalachian
Topics: Requirements;
Tags: .NET; Accessibility; Agile; Architecture Practices; Big Data; Clojure; Cloud; Continuous Deployment; Cross-Platform; Database/SQL; Design (UI/UX/CSS); Development Practices; DevOps; Functional Programming; Hardware; iOS/OSX; IoT; Java; JavaScript; Mobile; PHP; Project Management; Python; Requirements; Ruby/Rails; Scala; Security; Soft Skills; Software Process; Testing; Web; Web Services; Windows 8/10; Other Languages; Other

Aydin Akcasu
See Like the "The Predator", by "Hacking" heat.
Aydin Akcasu

See how easy it is to "See heat" images, and write software using a $250 thermal camera.

Room: Goldenrod
Topics: Application Development;
Tags: .NET; Hardware; Windows 8/10


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