Stephen Harper
The Cloud Switch: Creating a Simple Internet-Connected Power Switch and Web Dashboard Using a Particle Photon and .NET Core.
Stephen Harper

This session explores creating a connected device prototype using the Particle Photon micro-controller and cloud service. The device will be connected to a .NET Core web dashboard using a web API.

Room: Burley/Cumberland/Derby
Topics: Application Development;
Tags: .NET; Cloud; Hardware; IoT

Sarah Withee
Intro to Hacking with the Raspberry Pi
Sarah Withee

You've heard lots of hype about the Raspberry Pi, the credit-card sized computer available for under $40. This talk will introduce some of the Pi's features, explore some sample projects you can create, and show you how to write code to control hardware through its IO pins. After this talk you will

Room: Julia Belle Ballroom
Topics: Application Development;
Tags: Hardware; IoT; Python

Emily  Harshman
Writing Requirements as User Stories
Emily Harshman

Developers are key in driving well-written user stories. This session will show good user stories and how you can coach your product owner toward writing effective and well-written user stories. This session covers estimating techniques of user stories and how to improve estimates over time.

Room: Jefferson
Topics: Requirements;
Tags: .NET; Accessibility; Agile; Architecture Practices; Big Data; Clojure; Cloud; Continuous Deployment; Cross-Platform; Database/SQL; Design (UI/UX/CSS); Development Practices; DevOps; Functional Programming; Hardware; iOS/OSX; IoT; Java; JavaScript; Mobile; PHP; Project Management; Python; Requirements; Ruby/Rails; Scala; Security; Soft Skills; Software Process; Testing; Web; Web Services; Windows 8/10; Other Languages; Other

Aydin Akcasu
See Like the "The Predator", by "Hacking" heat.
Aydin Akcasu

See how easy it is to "See heat" images, and write software using a $250 thermal camera.

Room: Goldenrod
Topics: Application Development;
Tags: .NET; Hardware; Windows 8/10


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