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Crypto Currency Infrastructure - Challenges and Opportunties

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Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Lite Coin are a hot topic in the financial tech world. Looking specifically at the cryptocurrency infrastructure, this discussion aims to illustrate (1) the key challenges that cryptocurrencies and Miners must overcome to secure, install, code and integrate cryptocurrencies (2) the major risks regarding cryptocurrencies, when and how cryptocurrencies and their service providers will be regulated, (3) in their current state, what are the killer apps for cryptocurrencies, and (4) the more fundamental issues cryptocurrencies engineers and project managers must address. In conclusion, while  cyrptocurrency may not replace traditional and new payment methods to become a dominant alternative in the short term, companies should look at its underlying technology of Block Chain as a potential new way to secure and conduct transactions in the longer term.
Audience has interest in learning about Crypto Currency Infrastructure, how to build, manage, test and code.  
Sundeep Dronawat



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