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Using R in Azure Machine Learning

Regular Session

Attendees will learn the basics of using R in Azure's Machine Learning environment, AML. Allowing them to realized the benefits of a cloud based solution with R.  
Oftentimes basic R solutions don't meet the automation and scalability demands of a real production environment 
Attendees will see how they can continue to develop R in their IDE of choice, and later deploy that work to Azure with a few modifications to how they write that R. 
We will learn how to use the R module that is built into AML, the basics of the modules, and how we can utilized common R packages within them. 
Finally, we will go through a demonstration to develop an machine learning R script, setup and deploy it to AML, and then briefly use the tools within AML to analyze our results. 
At the end of the presentation attendees should leave feeling confident with incorporating R with AML experiments. 
Phillip Wilkins

Senior Developer
Composable Systems


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