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Under the Covers of a NewSQL Database

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Until recently, developers have had to deal with some serious tradeoffs when picking a database technology. One could pick a SQL database and deal with eventual scaling problems or pick a NoSQL database and have to work around their lack of transactions, strong consistency, and/or secondary indexes. However, a new class of distributed database engines known as NewSQL is emerging that combines the horizontal scalability and cloud-native deployment model of popular NoSQL databases with the transactional consistency guarantees of traditional relational databases.

In this talk, we’ll examine why developers should care about these new systems and take a deep dive into the key design choices behind one open source NewSQL database, CockroachDB, that enable it to offer such properties. We will look specifically at how to achieve the easy deployment and management of a scalable, self-healing, strongly-consistent database with techniques such as dynamic sharding and rebalancing, consensus protocols, lock-free transactions, and more. We will then explore how you can use it to easily build scalable, resilient applications that can be deployed to any cloud infrastructure.

Alex Robinson

Member of the technical staff
Cockroach Labs


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