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Microservices: Lessons from the Trenches

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Microservices are the rage, but are they really the next evolutionary step in architecture or simply a repackaging of stuff we should already be doing? This session looks microservices beyond the hype and breaks down the architecture using real world problems.

Rather than focus on the purist viewpoint, this session takes a pragmatic focus, with a focus on what has proven successful in the real world. Taken from various clients, the talk covers the spectrum from green field implementations to legacy modernization.

The sessions begins with a purist viewpoint of microservices, focused on Martin Fowler’s article on characteristics of a microservice. It proceeds to break down some of the myths surrounding the benefits of microservices to give you a proper view of when microservices will benefit. It then moves to some pre-requisites you should have in place for a successful implementation, and ends with some real world scenarios from work with numerous clients across the country.

Session includes 
* Foundational topics necessary to implement microservices 
* Dispelling myths about microservices
* Basics of the microservices architectural style as they apply to real world problems
While this session gets into some intermediate topics, there is no requirement for viewers beyond a basic understanding of how development fits in the software development lifecycle.
Gregory Beamer

Senior Architect
UST Global


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