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A DevOps Story

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This story begins on a warm day in the summer of 2014. A new team was formed to start working on a critical business application. That application had very few releases a year and a mile long backlog of work that wasn’t getting completed. An aging web application that was written in classic ASP was not providing the business any value. Users would have to use up to a dozen different applications to perform their job. System failures were a regular occurrence and it could take several hours to days to get these systems stable again. The team had less than 10 software releases that year. As the team increased in comfort with the existing systems, the transformation was starting. The team started working closely with IT operations to get the systems stable, deploy new servers to replace the aging infrastructure, and new functionality was being delivered. The classic ASP site was going to be retired and teammates where added. That year, ~50 total releases of the different applications occurred. Tools like TeamCity were starting to be utilized, a common build tool was adopted, and the cloud was utilized. These tools freed valuable IT operations and developer time to allow both teams to focus on higher value work. 2016 was a banner year for this team as they created five new applications and continued support of existing apps. This team had over more than 300 releases in 2016.
Jamie Phillips

Solutions Architect


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