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Making the Unstable Stable - An Introduction to Testing

Regular Session

Does it always seem like bugs you've fixed keep coming back? Does it seem like when you fix one bug, two more crop up? What if I were to tell you there's a better way?

In this presentation, we're going to explore how to make a code base more stable by using automated testing. To start, we'll explore the business case of why you should be writing tests by looking at industry studies and personal experience. From there, we'll look at the fundamentals of testing by talking about the pros/cons of unit, integration, and UI testing. Finally, we'll look at some resources to learn how to write tests.

Intended for developers who are new to testing, by the end of this presentation, you will understand why you should write tests, and will have the concepts and tools to get started.

Some knowledge with an Object-Oriented language would be beneficial, but not required.
Cameron Presley

Senior Software Engineer
Pilot Flying J


A software development conference in the Louisville, KY area on March 28 - 30, 2018 designed to cover all aspects of software development regardless of development stack.

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