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Using Neural Networks to Generate “Game of Thrones” Scripts


Machine learning enables us to make future predictions based on patterns learned from historical data. If we apply these principles to a large body of text, we can predict what the next word or character in a document will be and generate writing in a similar style. This will help us solve a major #firstworldproblem: let's build our own George R.R. Martin to generate GoT scripts (yes, I know, he didn't write the TV scripts). In this session, I will teach the basics of neural networks, the different types, and where each excels. Then I will demonstrate how to generate text using machine learning by training a model on the scripts of the "Game of Thrones" television series, and having it output new text in the same style of writing. You will walk away with an enhanced understanding of machine learning and neural networks, and maybe even some predictions for season 8!

Jennifer Marsman

Principal Software Development Engineer


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