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Let's choose Kaizen instead of "The Rewrite"

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If you’re like me, you’ve been a part of teams where "scripts", particularly build and deploy scripts, lack automated tests. At first glance, entire rewrites seem to be the best answer when the team determines the technical debt is too high. However, in my experience of seeing several rewrites, requirements are often missed, developer effort is underestimated, and new bugs are introduced. Originally, the rewrites were proposed because the code was too big and complex to get tests around it. So if rewrites are not the answer, what can we do?

Enter Kaizen, the philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices. You decide to make the script just 1% better today, instead of rewriting the whole thing. Together we will explore two options for doing so, both of which involve automated testing. Those options being (A) write the first characterization test for the script or (B) unit test just our new piece of functionality. We'll talk about both approaches and why you might choose one over the other. In time, this script may undergo the "rewrite" that you initially dreamed of, but you acted like a professional and went about it in a much safer way.


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