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Practical CSS Grid

Regular Session

New CSS technology usually means waiting a few years for things to settle down. Not with CSS Grid. We will learn how to use CSS Grid today, while ensuring users with older browsers are not ignored. Through real-world examples, we'll dive into how to implement CSS Grid into existing designs and how it can open up new layout possibilities.

We will learn about what CSS Grid is, how it works, and how to use it with existing technologies and frameworks. How does it integrate with Bootstrap? What about Flexbox? Is this relevant for my web application? We will tackle these questions and more as we look at practical, everyday uses for CSS Grid.

  • What is CSS Grid
  • Common layouts with CSS Grid
  • Flexbox and CSS Grid
  • Progressive Enhancement and CSS Grid
  • Web applications
  • CSS Grid and Frameworks
  • Real-world examples


Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS

Web Designer
Net Tango


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