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Does It Take Skills To Make Skills?

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Digital assistant-equipped speakers are increasingly ubiquitous; no longer simply a niche feature. That means that developing apps for them, or skills in this case, shouldn’t be either. Digital assistant-equipped devices are flooding the market in all shapes and sizes, and the customer base keeps growing. Wouldn’t it be great to reach those customers with some of your ideas? Amazon is finally paying developers of their top-used skills. This begs the question, “How the heck do I make one of these skills?” What do I need to try to make one? Can anyone with a coding background grasp how to do this, and without a huge time investment? What if I just want to build a skill to tell me that the Browns lost again? No one wants to invest too much time on that. This talk will give an overview of the specific steps to build an Alexa Skill, the type of skills you can create, what you will need build one, and some of the terminology you are likely to come across.



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