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Introduction to Concurrent Programming with Elixir

Half-Day Workshop

Whether you have experienced the awesomeness of developing with Elixir and Phoenix, or simply want to learn how to take advantage of modern multi-core CPUs, the concurrency that Elixir provides is a great start to amping up the performance of your applications. In this hands-on workshop you’ll be introduced to concurrent programming concepts and the methods for implementing these concepts in Elixir. At the end of the workshop you will have built a fault-tolerant, multi-process communication application.

Topics covered in this workshop include working with multiple processes, the blackboard software architecture, plus Elixir specifics such as GenServers, Supervisors and Workers.


Local machine requirements:

Install Elixir:


There is also a video for installing Elixir:

We will not introduce Elixir as a language, so some familiarity will be expected. If you are new to Elixir, working through the first nine sections of this tutorial should help you gain enough working knowledge:



Rob Keefer

Chief Scientist


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