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Pi on the Windowsill

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Do you have a Raspberry Pi at home that’s neglected, left on the shelf collecting dust? You bought it … it was only $35! But now you don’t know what to do with it. Well, this is the talk for you! This light-hearted talk will inspire your inner craftsman, as well as equip you with the knowledge you need to actually do something with that dust bunny habitat. We will go through the entire process of creating a UWP based room thermometer, using Windows IoT and the easy-to-tinker-with GrovePi Starter Kit. We will look at setting up Window 10 IoT and managing it with the Windows Device Portal. We will crack open Visual Studio, brush up on XAML and even do a bit of remote debugging. Come join us as we become the masters of our universe… or at least make a computer tell us the room temperature.  Hope to see you there. 

Jonathan Ash

Software Consultant


A software development conference in the Louisville, KY area on designed to cover all aspects of software development regardless of development stack.

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