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Healthcare IT: Why is it so hard?

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Have you ever wanted to know what Health industry looks like from the standpoint of software developer? Did you know that we, “the devs”, can play an important part in improving patient experience and outcome?

America spent $3.3 trillion on Healthcare in 2016 and by 2020, health care spending in the United States is expected to surpass the national economy of Germany. Despite such a tremendous amount of dollars, the adoption of computerized systems in healthcare was very slow and happened relatively late comparing to other industries. In this session we will try to answer the question of why did it take so long by looking into the challenges we face when attempting to computerize healthcare. We will look into the complexity of Health industry and how it differs from other industries when it comes to computerization. We will explore the specifics of health data, talk about HIPAA and its implications on healthcare IT progress, learn about standards and APIs for data exchange and what role IT plays in improving population health.

Polina Abramov

Software Architect


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