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Night of the Living Documentation: How to Write Perfect Scenarios With Gherkin

Regular Session

Gherkin is a business readable, domain specific language that lets us describe the behavior of a product without worrying about the details of implementation. Well-written Gherkin creates magical, self-testing "living documentation" that serves as both product documentation and a functional test suite; poorly-written Gherkin is a shambling, bloodthirsty horror that hungers for brains.

The basic building block of good living documentation is the scenario. This session aims to instill the attendee with the tools they need to write maintainable, concise, and effective scenarios for their team. 


Key talking points include:

* How (and why) to write concise, expressive scenarios

* The pitfalls (and possible upsides) of writing your scenarios like a series of test steps

* The problem with referencing UI in your scenarios

* A fun and interactive "what's wrong with this scenario?" game


No coding, QA, or BDD experience required 

Some prior knowledge of Gherkin or Cucumber is helpful, but not necessary


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