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Accessible Support and Technology

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Accessibility has been increasingly seen as a hot-button topic in the tech industry the last few years because it is important. By ensuring Accessibility from the ground up, we ensure the greatest number of people have access to any given technology. This helps us to have a truly educated populace with equal access to employment, education, and more that allows us to all participate in and live life to the fullest. However, sometimes it can be overwhelming to figure out what needs to be done to be accessible. I have worked at the American Printing House for the Blind (APH) in Louisville, KY since April 2015.  Accessibility is a part of my job all day, every day. Through sharing my experiences and what I have learned during my time at APH, I hope to help make it a less overwhelming topic and help make it easier for everyone to keep Accessibility in mind from the start on any project. We can all work together to make the world a more Accessible place.
None. I bring up a variety of topics that can help any tech professionals, and even those not necessarily in a technology profession.
Elizabeth Gray

Computer Support Specialist
American Printing House for the Blind


A software development conference in the Louisville, KY area on designed to cover all aspects of software development regardless of development stack.

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