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The Lean Development Process – Understanding and Achieving Product/Market Fit Before Build Starts

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In the world of software development methodologies there are a lot of terms these days; Agile, Scrum, Lean, Kanban, etc.    In this talk we’ll focus only on Lean and specifically get into Lean UX – which is a software design methodology that happens before a single line of code is written. 

You’ll be interested in this talk if you think more focus should be placed on building the right thing before code starts, and if you want to learn about a method and process of testing products before getting into often the most lengthy and expensive phase of any software endeavor, the build.

For entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, Lean is a key contributor to innovation as a typical Lean UX cycle gets in front of numerous customers with product prototypes in very short time periods (4-6 weeks).  These 4-6 week product testing periods can be used as initiators to ground breaking endeavors and for those trying to innovate within an existing company they allow a quick an inexpensive method to test ideas before much larger capital expenditures are needed.

In this talk we’ll cover the origins of Lean, why it’s important, why it’s different, what it is, and show real world examples of how it’s been used it to develop software products more quickly and with less risk.

Things you should expect to learn from this talk are how and when to conduct user interviews, the use and benefit of prototypes, the overall concept of Lean and key steps in the process, the concept of minimal viable product (MVP), and an understanding of the Build, Measure, Learn Loop.

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