Big Things Happening at Code PaLOUsa 2022

  • 3/27/2022
  • Chad Green

Big Things Happening at Code PaLOUsa 2022

We are so excited about the great things we have put together for Code PaLOUsa 2022, and we wanted to tell you about that.

As a reminder, Code PaLOUsa 2022 will be a hybrid event based out of the Hyatt Regency Louisville in the heart of our home city from August 17 – 19, 2022. As a hybrid event, we will have attendees and speakers attending both in-person and virtually. The twist is we are putting together an experience that will be awesome regardless of where you are attending. Tickets are available now at


Christina Aldan to Keynote

We strive to find the best possible keynote speakers each year, and we have done just that for 2022.

Christina Aldan is a fantastic speaker who has delivered talks on all seven continents (yes, that means she has presented at Antarctica) and always leaves an incredible impression on those in attendance. This will not be her first time to Code PaLOUsa, but this time she will have the keynote spotlight on her.

Christina’s keynote will be on August 17, 2022. Please stay tuned for more details in the next couple of weeks.

.NET Rocks! 20th Anniversary at Code PaLOUsa

Twenty years ago, Carl Franklin wanted to share his excitement for .NET and started the .NET Rocks! podcast, and shortly afterward, Richard Campbell joined. If you are a .NET developer, you most likely know of their show; if not, you should check it out. However, even if you are not a .NET developer, they routinely cover topics of interest to anyone in software development.

We wanted to do something special for these two that have done so much for the software development community. And as such, we are honored that Carl and Richard have agreed to host the .NET Rocks! 20th Anniversary Celebration with us at Code PaLOUsa. Whether you are a .NET developer or not, you will not want to miss this party on August 18, as it will rock!

Stay tuned for complete details around May.

Call for Speakers is Open

Whether you are an accomplished speaker who has wowed audiences worldwide or have never spoken before, we were hoping you could consider speaking at Code PaLOUsa 2022 and submit now for consideration. We are looking to build a diverse group of speakers from different experience levels, technology stacks, genders, races, and anything else that makes us different to build a community of software developers learning from each other.

Just as in years past, we are looking for submissions in the following categories: Application Development, Cloud/Infrastructure, Project Management, Requirements, Soft Skills, Software Testing, and UX/UI/Design. We are looking for 60-minute sessions and half-day (3-hour) and full-day (6-hour) workshops.

For complete details and to submit your proposals, please go to


A software development conference in the Louisville, KY area on August 17 - 19, 2022 designed to cover all aspects of software development regardless of development stack.

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